Nos réalisations dans la marine offshore

Transocean Cajun Express accommodation refurbishment and upgrade project

Las Palmas
Sector of activity 
Marine Offshore
6 weeks
Our intervention 
12 people workforce
PVC flooring surface treated : 550 m²
Resin flooring surface treated: 20 sanitary unit.
Procurement and logistics to be on schedule for rig arrival
Respect of the planning and deadlines of project
Coordination with rig crew and project team
Carry out work while cabins / states rooms occupied and operating with minimum inconvenience.
POB increase by converting 18 cabins by adding bed bunk extensions (36 additional pax).
  • Adding bed bunk extensions
  • Adding mattresses, curtains and bed lights
  • Replacing lockers
  • Fitting new desk

PVC Flooring refurbishment of 22 cabins complete with steel plate corrosion treatment and self leveling underlay.

Sanitary unit refurbishment
  • Replacing flooring with new epoxy resin flooring (with skirtings)
  • Bulkhead cladding with hygienic panels
  • Door repairs renewal.

States rooms flooring renewal (entire offices, meeting rooms and lobby area).

Descaling treatment for accommodation black water piping network (10 days treatment period)