Our agencies


Located in Brest since 1985, SPTmi offers to you innovative solutions for the realization of your projects .

Our knowhow are aimed at any company from different specialty that operates in onboard for assembly / disassembly at the same or modification ( ceiling, floor , wall , furniture, planking , insulation) . Based on our experience , we were selected by the French Navy for the flooring market


Areas of intervention

  • Manufacture and installation of wood and steel furniture

Upholstery and curtains

  • Flooring : screed and leveling

Laying of PVC flooring - tile - carpet - floor - resin

Raised floor

  • Installation: ceiling - wall

Insulation - soundproofing - painting - upholstery (decoration)

  • Insulation and asbestos ( certification pending )



La Seyne sur Mer

This agency was created in 1966. Over time it has diversified its activities to support our customers .

Our multiple skills in the areas of fitting , insulation, and asbestos removal allow us to provide our customers with technical solutions onboard ships .


Areas of expertise


  • Disassembly and reassembly of false ceilings or creating a false ceiling
  • Removing and installing furniture
  • Making curtains , moleskins , repair seats
  • Tiling
  • Carpeting
  • Laying Linoleum coating



  • Removing based planking
  • Ceiling and wall insulation
  • Creating insulation machine new ship



  • Removal, preparation and installation of mattresses
  • Disassembly and reassembly of engine cowlings


Asbestos - FCR

  • Asbestos (quilting bituminous paint and removal of asbestos gaskets and insulation ) and removal of ceramic fiber Navy ship