Our know how

Areas of expertise
  • Decorative locksmith work
  • Guardrails, planking, stairways
  • Non standard metal structures
  • Making bespoke furniture
  • Indoor and outdoor woodwork
We also have an abestos department.
The use of asbestos has been banned permanently in 1997 because of its impact on the health of individuals, SPTmi created a department activities related to asbestos.
Our certification AFAQ ASCERT friable and non-friable allow us to intervene on sites for asbestos removal and RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber).
We conduct the removal of any material containing asbestos friable and non-friable material Refractory Ceramic Fiber cement like elements, ducts, false ceilings, wall partitions, fire dampers, slabs, final cleaning and after an incident ...
We worked for
  • SNCM
  • SGA Service Infrastructures de la Défense
  • DCN