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Sanitary unit

sanitary unit offshore
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SPTmi has developed a tailor made modular sanitary unit which comply with all marine standards and all configuration, space available and client requirements.
Sanitary units can be offered in three, two or mono function configuration.
Standard offer for three function wet unit includes:
  • 1 Vacuum toilet wall mounted
  • 1 Toilet seat
  • 1 Wash basin
  • 1 Toilet cabinets with mirror, light and razor plug (shelving inside)
  • And many other accessories
Structure is made of stainless steel , with all necessary stiffeners and adjustable feet.
B15 Bulkhead & ceiling and CO door are fully compliant with marine standards.
The floor is constituted of epoxy resin IMO classified (with skirting going upward in continuity of horizontal layer to ensure perfect water tightness)
Units can be delivered fully assembled, ready to connect, or in kit with assembly instruction
As all needs and demands are different, we remain at your disposal to offer a tailor made unit especially designed for your rig.