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Antislid epoxy resin complex

antislid resin complex epoxy
Sector of activity 
Marine Offshore
Our intervention 
Complex is MED classified.
SPTmi usually lays this 100% watertight heavy duty floor covering in various areas such as:
  • Sanitary units
  • Change room
  • Common toilet
  • Laundry
  • Galley
  • Passageway
  • Mess room
  • Offices
  • Etc...
Epoxy resin complex is composed of 5 layers:
  • Sublayer (cement, wood, steel)
  • Primer with glass net for reinforcement
  • First layer with silicia
  • Second layer with quartz color (any required finishing color can be selected besides standard colors)
  • Third layer of uncolor varnish.


Complex can be laid on steel deck, cement, marine plywood and/or tiles.
SPTmi has developed a method which foresee a skirting (height to be determined as per room configuration) in direct continuation of horizontal surface to achieve perfect water tightness.
This feature prevent any leaking potential entry point and joint in between flooring and bulkhead (as we would do for PVC flooring for example)
Process lasts 6 days minimum, due to drying and curing time.