Our expertise

SPTmi offers its expertise and its services in maintenance, designing and manufacturing mechanical assemblies, boiler making and in metal structures for various industrial sectors (agro-food, aeronautics, cement, cosmetics, defence, packaging, logistics, pharmaceuticals, phytosanitary products, transportation, etc.).
Areas of expertise
  • Making available specialised technicians for maintaining production lines.
  • Improving production line performance
  • Undertaking work to bring production installations into compliance (production or packaging lines).
  • Designing, building and integrating conveyor equipment (for products in bulk and individual loads).
  • Designing and building special equipment.
Strong points
  • More than 25 years of practical experience with recognised industrial clients means that we have a good knowledge of needs and the constraints of every business sector.
  • A design office with state of the art equipment (CAD).
  • Qualified staff for doing the work and meeting commitments both in terms of technical design and lead-time challenges.
Some references in the South of France
  • Agro-food: Coca Cola Midi, Coca Cola Enterprises, Fralib Unilever, Groupe Panzani, Haribo, Royal Canin, etc.
  • Aeronautics: Eurocopter, AIA.
  • Cement: Monier, Lafarge.
  • Cosmetics: l’Occitane, Dipta.
  • Defence: SGA, BAAN.
  • Packaging: Ball packaging.
  • Hygiene: Elis Santé.
  • Logistics: Logidis Groupe Carrefour.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Labiomar, Thérabel.
  • Phytosanitary: Provalis, Synginta.
  • Transportation: Marseille Provence airport.