Nos réalisations dans la marine offshore

Galley revamping works on board FPSO Girassol

Total E& P Congo
FPSO Girassol - Congo
Sector of activity 
Marine Offshore
6 weeks
Our intervention 
  • Surface tile flooring and underlay deterioration
  • Communicating and access doors damages
  • No compliance with existing hygiene regulation and segregation of task within galley
  • Scupper & water discharge inadequate positioning
  • Tiled floor replacement by an epoxy marine certified resin compound after removal of existing floor and underlay on a 160m² surface area.
  • Replacement of partition bulkhead and internal doors to create closed spaces / laboratories (ISO 22000)
  • Install new water discharge scupper in strategic location to avoid water flooding
  • Equipment replacement:
    • Cooking equipment (frying pan, bakery oven, heat maintaining oven
    • Cold cabinets and various stainless steel equipments for cold preparation
    • Cleaning and hygiene equipment (sinks, dish-washer, hand washer, etc.)
Revamping & upgrading works
  • Job done during operation (meanwhile, galley was relocated on a accommodation barge)
  • Total workforce: 10 people
  • Complete duration of project: 6 weeks
  • All job carried out with purchased imported IMO- marine classified equipments and materials shipped from Marseille (France) to Angola in ten 20feet containers.